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10 of the most unique jewelry in the world

The desire to emphasize their status and wealth pushes people to spend countless money on their wardrobe, accessories and interior items. This allows jewelry makers to excel and not limit their imagination, creating luxurious, absurd and sometimes even perverted precious objects. Luxury – Daimox online jewelry store presents to its readers a selection of the most beautiful, reckless, noble and shocking ornaments of all world history.

Baby habits, or what will I do when I get rich?
Someone buys pens, studded with diamonds, others carry cigarettes in platinum packages. Especially distinguished musicians of the “black” quarters – rappers. The most prominent example of luxury in understanding rappers was Sean Kingston. This singer and actor gained fame not only thanks to a few hits, but also through the love of drawing. He did not become an artist, but only decorated himself with a gold package of golden pencils “Crayolas”. A bundle of this jewelry masterpiece hung on the artist’s neck, clutching at several gold and platinum chains. Despite the large volumes of Sean, his unique decoration looks gigantic. How else to show your prestige?

Legs per million
Such shoes are not scary to lose, they can be scary to walk. This unusual pair of shoes was made by Ronald Winston in 1989. Despite the passage of time, these shoes are still considered the most expensive in the world. An elegant pair was encrusted with 50 carat diamonds, complemented with 1,350 carat rubies. It took 2 months and 4,600 gems to make this piece of clothing. The cost of a luxury item was $ 3,000,000.

Precious shoes were made for only one lady. The Hollywood film star, Judy Garland, became the happy owner.

Heart of the ocean, or better let it sink!
The film “Titanic” not only shook the hearts of young women, but also touched the soul of one jeweler. The precious jewelery artist Harry Winston was extremely impressed and inspired by the blue heart-shaped pendant that the main character took from the sinking ship. The “heart of the ocean” was made of a 15 carat blue diamond. It was with such an ornament on the fragile neck that the young actress Gloria Stewart arrived at the Oscar ceremony, where she received a golden statuette for the main role in the Titanic film. DiCaprio drowned for good reason …

Queen of the mountainside, or sorry, your diamonds hit me in the eye
Not all skiers love to ride on a slope when bright sun shines from the skies on sparkling snow. But, the owners of these sports accessories can not just as well shine in different weather. Unique ski poles will help to be a queen even where the crown interferes. This sports item is made of yellow and pink gold. Luxurious diamonds are scattered evenly and densely along the length of the sticks. Such a girl would be hard to lose from sight. How practical these gears are, customers are silent.
Pretentiously bright, or what are wives collectors?
This extraordinarily beautiful piece of jewelry art was produced in the 70s of the last century. His happy owner was the wife of a European collector.

A distinctive feature of this ring was a blue diamond of 10.95 carats. To get on this gold bezel, he had to go through a triple cut. In addition to this beautiful stone, there is a more modest, but no less beautiful, white diamond of 9.87 carats. Behind this jeweler excellence is not over. The whole rim of the ring is studded with small diamond placer, baguette-cut.

At that time, the cost of this masterpiece was $ 1,000,000. In 2010, this ring got on the auction and went under the hammer for 12.000.000 dollars.

How much is a millionaire’s loyalty?
The Middle Ages have long passed in the historical cycle, but have not yet left the minds of some people. So, quite recently, a rich man from Britain decided to buy, or to ensure the loyalty of his wife. But, a wealthy husband did not forget that this method should be the status of his second half.

Thus, an unusual order was received by the South African jeweler Uwe Coetter. A British client asked him to make an exquisite chastity belt for his wife. The pledge of marital unity was made in the Renaissance style. Its basis was gold, decorated with pearls and diamonds. Loyalty to his wife cost a jealous 20,000 dollars.

Tiara, or love before the revolution
Usually, offering the lady a hand and heart, the gentleman presents an engagement ring.

But Prince Felix Yusupov was too rich for such trifles. His condition exceeded the capital of the emperor. It was his niece who the wealthy prince decided to marry. As a sign of his love, the groom presented Irina Romanova with an unusual tiara.

This luxurious decoration and symbol of power was made of platinum, diamonds and antique rock crystal. Tiara flaunted on the head of the bride on the wedding day. The marriage took place on February 22, 1914.

How to choose gold earrings for little girls?
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