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What is going out when autumn comes?

Autumn in Ukraine promises to be warm, and looking at world podiums it becomes clear that it will also be colorful. This forecast can please and sadden, because many young ladies still do not know the answer to the question: what to wear on the street ?! Journalists easily solved this lady’s dilemma and headache of their gentlemen, having prepared the most informative article on the trends of the golden autumn.

It is noteworthy that the motley autumn landscape will obviously be decorated with bright dresses of fashionistas and fashionistas. Inspired by the colorful summer, fashion-designers decided not to deprive the cold season of the warmth of colors. The most relevant colors of autumn will be brown and bronze, cornflower blue, caramel pink and all bright shades of yellow.
The most relevant fabric of the season will be zamsh, which is firmly rooted in the latest summer fashion and does not want to leave human bodies. Only, now this fashionable material will be decorated with fringe.

For the ladies, the most trendy part of the wardrobe will be a midi skirt, which should be worn in combination with a fitted lace blouse. It is noteworthy that in the fall it is necessary to give preference to blouses with high stand-up collars and rounded sleeves. Emancipated trouser suits go by the wayside, decorating themselves with an elegant strip.
When putting on a new-fashioned elongated jacket, do not forget to complement your image with a man’s hat. The over size style also goes to the background, but this does not mean its complete disappearance from the podium and from the store shelves.

Ladies in wide coats and trousers, which are covered with many stylish folds when walking, have yet to appear on the autumn streets. These pants should be worn in combination with suspenders. By the way, men’s suspenders in the autumn season will also appear in combination with skirts.

On the same, strewn with melancholic leaves, the streets will again appear in black people. Darkly refined gothic and Total Black are not going to go to the underground.

In September, it will be especially important to wear black pants in combination with a black top and a varnished leather jacket.

Fans of extravagance will now also be able to show themselves in fancy feathers. This bird’s accessory will decorate autumn hats, jackets and skirts. Closer to winter, feathers will have to be replaced with long fur scarves, fastened with a belt.

This is not all the actual images of an intricate autumn. Fashion artists continue to develop the concept of the 60s, 70s and 80s.

Peaceful hippies will continue to bloom even in the winter, and Victorian motifs will migrate from old models to warm winter sweaters. Trends in evening gowns are filled with asymmetry, which has spread to the shape of the hems.

Accented part of evening dresses will be high and frank cuts on the side or in the center of the skirt. In most of these models, the upper part is closed or vice versa – it has elegant lowered shoulders.

Of course, the designers did not leave the new images unfinished. For each type of dress there is a separate type of jewelry. Obviously, having foreseen autumn melancholy over the warm summer, the jewelry craftsmen raised floral motifs to the top of the trends.

Thus, the most relevant earrings have become studs in the shape of flowers, decorated with laconic hanging gems. Flower theme has not left the neck and hands. Chokers made in the form of intricate floral plexuses became especially fashionable. In the trend continues to be pearls and diamonds, their company replenished with sapphires, emeralds and garnets. Gold continues to be the most topical precious metal, since it is best combined with the colors of the fall decorations.

Western designers are only conducting previews of their new collections, and new-fashioned products are gradually spreading to all the shops in the world. One of such owners of fashionable autumn wonders was Daimox jewelry store. Already here you can purchase new autumn fashion, ahead of the crowd of poorly informed fashionistas.

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