Fine Jewelry

Puseta or what should be in the wardrobe of every lady?
Fashionable summer season continues its bright procession. Changeable trends are pleased with the constant novelties on the podiums and shop windows. In this motley abundance there is one charming, remarkable,…

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What are the trends in jewelry
Fashion trends that designers have been tirelessly showing on Fashion Week catwalks are displayed not only on fashionist's wardrobes, but also on their decorations. In the world of jewelry, its…

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10 of the most unique jewelry in the world
The desire to emphasize their status and wealth pushes people to spend countless money on their wardrobe, accessories and interior items. This allows jewelry makers to excel and not limit…

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What is a diamond, use value in jewelry

Calling any cut diamond a diamond would be a mistake. As a consumer, you must be well versed in the concepts with which jewelers operate, because it depends on how much quality jewelry you get.

Three main facts about diamonds that everyone should know
The name “diamond” refers to a special method of cutting, and not to the name of the material.
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Choker. Fashionable accessory with spicy undertones

This season, choker has become one of the most trendy decorations. This unusual accessory entered the top fashion trenov even last fall, having won the hearts of many ladies around the world. What is a choker? What is his secret subtext? What chokers are now in fashion?

An interesting fact is that the choker at the same time symbolizes power, nobility, threat, slavery and rebellion. This contradiction of interpretations is easily explained by the history of this unusual decoration. Continue reading

Топ-10 оригинальных и нетрадиционных обручальных колец

We live in the 21st century, when typicalness and simplicity always remain fashionable. But more and more often people approach everything with originality and creative invention. Today, everyone and everyone is trying to be a person in our society: defiant clothing, bright hair colors, combat make-up and many more different attributes. No exception to the creativity of modern society is a selection of non-traditional jewelry, and especially wedding rings. Continue reading

Scythian gold. Secrets of the ancient Slavs, or how did the jewelry industry develop?

The story is full of secrets and mysteries, many of them continue to be unanswered. The legacy of the ancestors gives only some hints, prompting new secrets. What are the graves of ancestors?

The idea of ​​the ancient world to modern people helped to form not only chronicles, but also household items of our predecessors. Especially many secrets to mankind revealed ancient jewelry. What information did these luxury items bring? How and when did jewelry originate? What is the modern jewelry industry of Ukraine? Continue reading

Puseta – carnation fashionable summer

New trends have already made the leading brands in the fashion world. Among the wide abundance of textures, colors and dresses an important place was taken by accessories. The most relevant adornment of the hot summer was a small shiny trifle, namely, the earrings of the studs. What is this piece of jewelry? What is the best way to combine it? What are the fashionables of the coming season?

In Eastern Europe, stud earrings have a different name. Thanks to the peculiarities of the clasp of this jewelry, it has received the popular nickname “carnations”. For the first time, medieval ladies began to “hammer studs” into their ears. Continue reading

Versatility of Ukrainian weddings or what is national unity?
Ukraine can safely be called a multinational country. In fact, there are not many indigenous Ukrainians left. The majority of our compatriots in their veins flows international blood. Such cultural…


Diamond sparkle or invasion of privacy
A wedding without wedding rings is like the absence of a bride. The selection of this symbolic decoration is given special attention. This is not surprising, because a good wedding…


Wedding traditions and new jewelry makers
Each culture has its own wedding traditions. Wedding ceremonies have received much attention, since this is about creating a new family that forms a new generation of society. Where do…


Puseta - carnation fashionable summer
New trends have already made the leading brands in the fashion world. Among the wide abundance of textures, colors and dresses an important place was taken by accessories. The most…