Fine Jewelry

Diamond sparkle or invasion of privacy
A wedding without wedding rings is like the absence of a bride. The selection of this symbolic decoration is given special attention. This is not surprising, because a good wedding…

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George Clooney and brilliant shine in Venetian reflection
Every wedding of any person can leave a noticeable mark on history. The marriages of kings influenced the course of world events, and the weddings of ordinary citizens became an…

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How to choose gold earrings for little girls?
Who if not women know the whole essence of beauty and attractiveness. From a very young age, the girl wants to look like her mother, she takes her mother's lipstick…

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The diamond story of the slutty Madonna or what does the pop queen prefer?

The popular singer Madonna is known not only for her outrageous shows, but also for her addiction to diamonds. Her little-dressed sexy body is always adorned with sparkling jewels from the best jewelry houses in the world. A lot of interesting stories are connected with the personal treasure of the famous singer. What is hidden under the covers of her jewelry boxes? What jewels are preferred now by a mature but slutty Madonna?
At concerts, public events and in the clips, the snow-white body of the blond Madonna is covered with dazzling diamonds. Continue reading

Brilliant – use in jewelry

A diamond is a gem that does not require a separate presentation. Not everyone had the opportunity to at least hold it in their hands. But those few who were lucky enough to see his dazzling brilliance, a startling play of light and magical play, forever preserved bright and unforgettable impressions about this stone. By the way, the word “brilliant” in French means exactly that – sparkling, brilliant.
Diamonds are made from diamonds (from the Arabic “almas” – indestructible) – minerals that are a form of carbon. This stone is the hardest among all the known minerals on the planet, but at the same time the most fragile. Continue reading

Alternative wedding. A bit dark romance on the bright celebration of life

Traditions sometimes turn into patterns. Predictability has long been known millennial customs makes the celebration boring and mundane. Those who go against the stream are really having fun! What weddings have now become popular? What alternative solution do modern newlyweds prefer? Read the most innovative solutions on the Daimox pages. Continue reading

10 of the most unique jewelry in the world

The desire to emphasize their status and wealth pushes people to spend countless money on their wardrobe, accessories and interior items. This allows jewelry makers to excel and not limit their imagination, creating luxurious, absurd and sometimes even perverted precious objects. Luxury – Daimox online jewelry store presents to its readers a selection of the most beautiful, reckless, noble and shocking ornaments of all world history.

Baby habits, or what will I do when I get rich?
Someone buys pens, studded with diamonds, others carry cigarettes in platinum packages. Continue reading

To help busy brides: how to choose jewelry

The image of the bride is unthinkable without ornaments. They are skillfully selected, as nothing else makes it complete and complete. “Where to look, when time is short, but you need to have so much time before the wedding?” – read in the blogs of our brides.

Modern brides are really very busy girls. These are students, pr-managers, brokers, journalists, designers, who spend their days working for days. In this mode, it is very difficult to find time to go shopping, so the choice of jewelry can be done online. Let’s look at four reasons why you shouldn’t be afraid to go for earrings with an electronic basket. Continue reading

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Interesting facts about jewelry
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How to present wedding rings?
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Original engagement and unusual rings. How to proceed to the wedding?
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